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Are You Interested In Returning To On-Campus Learning? We would like to encourage all students, especially those who are struggling academically, to return to on-campus learning. Breakfast and lunch are available free to all students daily.  If you would like to arrange one or more on-campus learning days per week, please email Academic Counselor, Brooke Martin at We continue to require morning health screenings, mask-wearing, and regular hand washing/sanitizing. With our physical distancing requirements, we can accommodate all students for two days per week with some exceptions. For questions related to COVID mitigations or other campus concerns, please contact Program Director, Ali Hodges by calling the AR Office, 707-476-4203.
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Mr. Chatfield was born and raised in the San Diego area. He attended Humboldt State University to further his education and to escape the heat and crowds of southern California. While pursuing a degree in Geography and working in a local bike and outdoor shop, he grew to appreciate the human and natural history stories of the world. University research and classwork brought a river of new revelations. Boots, bikes, skis and boats transported him deep into the rich local natural and human landscape. This latter set of hobbies brought a unique opportunity to work in a local international sporting goods manufacturer. His time in sales and engineering at Yakima Products was an amazing window into the world of small and large businesses and the modern realities of domestic and foreign manufacturing. Finding the goals of the business world lacking he took the opportunity when Yakima moved to return to school and an earlier plan to become a teacher. He hopes that he helps each student to find their own pathway to a deeper, richer and more meaningful understanding of the world and cultures around them.

Mr. Chatfield enjoys cycling, hiking, camping, cooking, amature meterology, mycology (look it up!), and gardening. He is married to Stacy and they have two children, Madeline and Mason. They live in Arcata.