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Guidance & Counseling » College Readiness TOES Program

College Readiness TOES Program

Time Management
1. You will demonstrate positive class attendance
  • 95% attendance in each class/semester
  • Be to class on-time and ready to go
2. You will demonstrate ability to plan and utilize a weekly schedule (ex. Planner)
  • include class, study, work and recreation blocks
  • Monitor how well you use your time
3. You will demonstrate techniques to prioritize and set goals for completing course tasks
  • Create and use a weekly academic “To Do” list
  • Create a timeline for major projects
  • Make formal appointments for working on group projects
  • Create a semester calendar for identifying important due dates, events, etc.
1. You will use and maintain a formal organizational system for all academic courses.
  • Organizational elements:
    • Single notebook or notebook section for each course
    • Easily accessible course syllabus
    • Record of all graded work: all graded work kept (does not need to be in
    • binder/section but accessible). Use Aries or Web Advisor to confirm or identify grade
    • discrepancies
    • Weekly schedule: if multi-binders are used a copy in each binder or use of a planner
1. You will demonstrate a pattern of positive in-class behavior
  • Bring proper materials everyday
  • Focus on learning: be attentive to instruction and engaged in activities/discussions
  • Take good notes: to enforce retention and provide reference and reflection
  • Commitment: Do your best; what you put in is what you get out!
2. You will thoroughly complete all assignments
  • Completing assignments is not enough: All work should reflect your efforts to learn
  • Meet all assignment deadlines: including homework
  • Be responsible: be proactive with planned or unexpected absences by communicating with instructors
3. You will be prepared for each class
  • Review course syllabus: look at topic for the class, use to help create “to do” list
  • Complete assigned readings: read for understanding; anticipate connections to the topic
  • Review notes from last class meeting: note areas you do not understand/questions
  • Have all assignments/homework ready for submission
Study Skills
1. You will demonstrate the use of good study habits:
a. Review notes on a daily basis
b. Create study aids
c. Work in study teams or have a study buddy
d. Use outside assistance or resources: Tutor, study lab, instructor, internet
e. Annotate readings