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Are You Interested In Returning To On-Campus Learning? We would like to encourage all students, especially those who are struggling academically, to return to on-campus learning. Breakfast and lunch are available free to all students daily.  If you would like to arrange one or more on-campus learning days per week, please email Academic Counselor, Brooke Martin at We continue to require morning health screenings, mask-wearing, and regular hand washing/sanitizing. With our physical distancing requirements, we can accommodate all students for two days per week with some exceptions. For questions related to COVID mitigations or other campus concerns, please contact Program Director, Ali Hodges by calling the AR Office, 707-476-4203.
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Tier Level Determination

Tier 1: For all 1st year students entering high school for the first time
1. Associated course: AR core support
a. Purpose: To provide students a structured setting to develop organizational and study skills.

2. Other Information: Full academic schedules
No CR courses (post Alg 2 exception)
AR core support enrollment for 1st and 2nd semesters

Tier 2A: For all 2nd year students and new 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students
1. Associated course: AR core support
a. Purpose: To provide 2nd year or 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students additional time to develop organizational and study skills in a structured setting.

2. Other Information: Placement is on a semester by semester basis
Required to have a full academic schedule
CR course selection from bucket list: requires faculty approval.

3. Faculty Review: Placement in Tier 2B
a. Each semester faculty will review all Tier 2A/2B students to determine if placement in Tier 2B is appropriate. The following criteria may be used for this determination:
  • Previous semester grade: “B” or better in AR courses and “C” or better in CR courses. No grade of “D” or “F” in any class
  • Have an overall GPA of 3.3 or better
  • No adverse behavioral record
  • Not on an academic or behavioral contract

Tier 2B: all 3rd year students or students recommended by faculty (see above).
1. Associated course: CR course support
a. Purpose: To provide students the opportunity to manage their work load in a non-structured setting. Students will focus on prioritizing their course work and learning how to effectively work in a college environment.

2. Other information: Placement is by semester
Students must be enrolled in 20 hrs of AR class time

Tier 3: all 4th year students (3rd year students may petition)
1. Associated Course: Tier 3 course support
a. Purpose: In this course, students are allowed to manage all aspects of T.O.E.S. On a weekly basis, students will provide an accounting of time utilization, nature of work accomplished and workplace to the class instructor.

2. Other information: Placement is on a semester by semester basis
Students must maintain grades of “B” or better grades in AR courses and “C” or better in CR courses.
Students must meet Tier 3 course support requirements to remain

3. Petition Considerations
a. Address to staff (send via principal or counselor)
i. Discuss the reason/need for placement in Tier 3 at this time
ii. Provide reasons why staff should support your request.
b. Must be enrolled (or passed) in English 1A and a minimum of 6 CR units
c. All classes (High School and College) must have grades of “B” or better from the previous semester.
d. Must have passed all course support classes
e. Must have good attendance (5 or less verified absences, 4 or less tardies)
f. Core classes in the areas of Math, Science and History must be complete.