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I teach with an emphasis on the ‘real world’: how we can use math and science to engage the world around us. The more we know about how our world works, the further we can travel within it! I’m married to a really great lady. We have four kids, two grown and two still in school. We also have a four pound Chihuahua named Rudy. I play chess with my dad in West Virginia, every day on my iPhone. Teaching is a second career for me. I started out in the industrial supply trade selling everything from fasteners to water purification systems. I was the owner/operator of a water conditioning company in Lake Havasu City, Arizona for a couple decades. While running my business I worked over the years at achieving a Bachelor's Degree in Business (Public Administration), and a Master of Business Administration. I sold my business and took some time off to spend in the mountains of Montana, and then moved to Sacramento, California. I substitute taught there for about a year while I figured out what age level and subject I would like to teach. I decided on Science or Math to middle or high schoolers. I have had two years of the past four that required me to commute to my school an hour-and-a-half, one-way. After settling down in Eureka, and then most recently in Fortuna, I feel very fortunate to finally be able to lessen my commute to about 15 minutes from home! I currently teach Chemistry and Algebra II at Academy of the Redwoods.