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Daily Announcement: Monday, August 26th, 2019

Daily Announcement: Monday, August 26th, 2019, 170 Days Left!

To submit announcements, email  by 12:00 pm the school day before it is to run. Club announcements must be approved by advisors prior to submission. Announcements will run as long as we deem necessary unless specific dates are requested. To subscribe, please email To unsubscribe, please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email.


AR Announcements:

-AR Student ID cards and photo proofs are available for pickup in the AR Office. Photo proofs will have instructions on how to order portraits if you are interested. If you are not happy with your school photo, please mark your calendars for Monday, September 9th. Picture make-up day will take place from 9am-12pm. 


-Against the Wind Festival   Arcata Playhouse November 11-17

This is the second year that local organizers have put on the festival, with the goal of supporting the anti-nuclear mission of the first peace boat, the Golden Rule, and informing, educating, advocating, and activating our community to the dangers of nuclear weapons and nuclear war.  

Student Spoken Word Performers Wanted: Tuesday, November 12.  7-9 pm. Students are invited to perform their own work (or the work of others) with a single short dramatic poetry performance (five minutes), short dramatic sketches, short videos that address the themes of war, peace, violence, climate change, and social justice. If interested please contact Woz


-Clover Schinke’s MW1 Course Support will continue to meet in CA 105. 


-THANK YOU AR COMMUNITY- We really appreciate your personal accountability! You have done an excellent job cleaning up after yourselves (and others) in the SSC and other lunch areas. This is especially important now because we are the largest presence on campus. Keep it up!!


-The 36th annual North Coast College & Career Expo will take place Tuesday, September 10th at the Bayshore Mall in Eureka beginning at 5:30 p.m. This is your chance to meet representatives from CSUs and UCs as well as a variety of other colleges, universities and career path recruiters, in person. There will also be 10 different workshops to choose from; something for each grade level: Freshman through Seniors. Visit for detailed information about the event. This is the only college fair in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. Don’t miss it!


-The AR Office sells monthly bus passes from Humboldt Transit Authority at a discounted rate for students. You can purchase 31 Day Redwood Transit passes for $45 and 31 Day Southern Humboldt Bus Passes for $82 with cash or check.


Attention all 2nd/3rd/4th Years: WE NEED YOU!!! Are you interested in being a Lunch Supervisor this year? It’s an easy way to give back to the community and earn community service time. Right now we have no one and without lunch supervisors we can’t have the SSC open for lunch. So….  please email Gini Wozny at and volunteer!!!!


-Interested in taking the PSAT? Please register with Sami by sending her an email at Deadline to register is Friday, September 13th. PSAT Testing will take place on Wednesday, October 16th from 8:30am-1:00pm in the CR Theater.


Google Chromebooks Insurance

Insurance policies can be purchased for the chromebooks at the AR attendance office. Purchasing insurance is highly encouraged, as it will save you money in the event that accidental damage to the chromebook occurs. It is suggested that all students buy a protective case for their chromebook to avoid damaging them. Carrying your chromebook in a backpack along with other books and no protective casing often results in a cracked screen. Chargers are considered accessories and therefore not covered by insurance, so students will be held financially responsible in the event that they damage their chromebook charger. Replacement chargers can be purchased in the AR Office for $20. Policies are $22 for 1 year of coverage with a $0 deductible. If you would like to purchase insurance online, you can do so at the following link: 


-Scheduling Announcements:

-Please submit an Add/Drop form by this Friday to drop sections of Tier 2A or 2B that conflict with a college class. Make sure to list all pertinent information on the Add/Drop form.


-Please help us balance class sizes!! If you are enrolled in larger section of one of your AR classes and would prefer a smaller section, please email Ali H. ASAP and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


CR Announcements-

-Calling all students interested in taking French!!! The CR French 1A class currently has lower enrollment and is looking for students to add. If you are interested, please see the information below:


FRNC-1A-E7023 (047023) Elementary French I

08/27/2019-12/19/2019 TTH 04:30PM - 06:35PM,

-Calling all musicians!!! The CR Band is seeking more AR students!! You can register for any of the classes listed below, no previous experience necessary.

Please see Hodges if you need help locating an instrument for one of these classes.


CR Band:

Music 22B- Brass  Instruments Meets TTh 1:15-2:40

Music 22P- Percussion Instruments Meets TTh 1:15-2:40

Music 22W- Woodwinds Meets TTh 1:15-2:40

-CR Parking Permits can be purchased online at You will need to login using your CR email address and password and input credit card information. You will then be able to print out a temporary parking permit and your official permit will be mailed to you. If you don’t have a debit or credit card, you can take cash to CR’s Business Office and pay for your parking pass there. Day passes can be purchased for $2 from any one of the parking permit dispensers around campus. If you are simply dropping off or picking up your student, and will not be leaving your vehicle unattended, then a parking permit is not necessary.  


-If you are taking a college class this semester, Monday, August 19th was the soft due date for CR Booklists. Books required for classes can be found on the CR Bookstore website and/or on your class syllabus. Do not worry if you were not able to meet this deadline, as some professors may not have posted this information yet. Book lists must be turned into the AR Attendance Office and approved/stamped before the student can take them to the CR Bookstore to purchase books. (This only applies to students taking CR classes)The Bookstore is located in the LRC. You will present your list to a clerk, and they will get your books for you. The CR Book List Form can be found here: or on the AR web site under the Students tab. Is this your first semester getting books for a CR class? Here is an instructional video on how to find the materials you need: 


CR Cafeteria Hours-
Monday-Friday 8am-7pm & Weekends from 10am-2pm. 


AR Club Protocol

At AR our clubs end every school year and in order to have an official club you must start it over each year. To start a club you must first get an advisor. Then get a club sign up form in the attendance office, fill it out and get it signed by your new advisor who can help you decide whether or not you need to take notes, elect leaders and have a treasurer. You need to decide when and where you would like to meet, and ask your advisor if that time and space are available on the SSC club calendar. If it is, ask them to save that spot for your club for the year or semester. You use this same process for any activities your club would like to schedule. Send your announcement to by 12pm the day before you would like it to run. Make sure you use proper grammar and spelling while also using proper punctuation. If you are unsure, run it by your advisor first. When it is ready to send make sure that you also CC your advisor so that Sami is assured your advisor knows about the announcement. If you will be raising any money remember that your advisor needs to know about every activity even if it is off school grounds.


AR Club Announcements:

-Hello AR! Do you like fighting dragons, casting spells, and rolling dice? Well, I have the perfect club for you: The Tabletop RPG Club. Join us every Wednesday at lunch in the Advising Center to play a multitude of unique games (Including D&D). The first couple meetings will be mostly for information so if you are interested please stop by or email Imagine at


-Yearbook club is having an informational meeting after school on Wednesday the 28th at 2:45 up at the SSC. If anyone is interested in joining yearbook, this will be a good opportunity to learn about the club and what it may entail. If anyone has any questions, please email Trinity Vogel at or Gini Wozny at


-Hey AR Students! Are you interested in anime? Are you a weeaboo at heart but refuse to admit it? Because I know I am! Come on down to the AC at lunch on Mondays and join the Anime Club! For any other information please contact Samantha at


-Hello Students! Do you love playing music? Do you like listening to music? Are you interested in talking about music? If so then we'd love to see you at Music Club after school on Thursdays in the SSC from 3:00 to 4:00! Music can bring people together in a beautiful way that we would love to share with you, no matter who you are. If you have any questions please email Finn at "", Ryan at "" or Sophia "" Have a great day to all! 


Weekly Club Meeting Schedule

Mondays: Lunch: Anime Club meets in the Advising Center


Tuesdays: Lunch: Geography Club meets in the Advising Center


Wednesdays: Lunch: Tabletop RPG Club meets in the Advising Center


Thursdays: Lunch: STEM Club meets in the Advising Center

After School: Music Club meets in the SSC





Upcoming Important Dates-

9/2: Labor Day Holiday - NO SCHOOL

9/9: Make-Up School Photos in Advising Center from 9am-12pm

9/10: North Coast College and Career Expo from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm at Bayshore Mall

10/4: End of Progress Period

10/16: PSAT Testing in CR Theater from 8:30am-1pm

10/25: AR Halloween Dance from 7-10pm in the SSC

10/31: Deadline to Petition for CR Degree or Certificate 

Remember we follow a schedule that is different from other Humboldt schools so plan accordingly!!

AR calendar on website. Check us out at

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