Academy of the Redwoods

Are You Interested In Returning To On-Campus Learning? We would like to encourage all students, especially those who are struggling academically, to return to on-campus learning. Breakfast and lunch are available free to all students daily.  If you would like to arrange one or more on-campus learning days per week, please email Academic Counselor, Brooke Martin at We continue to require morning health screenings, mask-wearing, and regular hand washing/sanitizing. With our physical distancing requirements, we can accommodate all students for two days per week with some exceptions. For questions related to COVID mitigations or other campus concerns, please contact Program Director, Ali Hodges by calling the AR Office, 707-476-4203.

North Coast College Access Scholarship is now available!

The North Coast College Access Scholarship is now available!  After some hard work by Erik Fraser from our Communications Center, and with advice from Colby Smart, HCOE’s e-learning specialist, the on-line application is ready a full week before we thought it would be available.  My thanks to Erik and Colby.  
The scholarship application can be accessed through the banner on the HCOE website;,
or on the Decade of Difference website homepage;
New this year:
Students will be able to:
1.      Log in and return to their work if needed.
2.      Attach their essay
3.      Attach a copy of their SAR
4.      Request their school send an electronic copy of their transcript.
The application is easy and fast to complete.
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