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Updated Printing Procedure

Good Afternoon Students,

By the end of next week, there will be no more Printing Services offered in the Attendance Office. 

The last day of printing will be Thursday, February 12th. This should give you plenty of time to set up an account with the LRC if you will need to print at school in the near future. 

There are several factors that brought us to the decision to alleviate office printing altogether:

1. The printing computers have frequent network/connectivity issues.

2. Students were showing up and printing without money, and many students who said they would pay later never did.

3. The printing computers cannot print color nor any single sided documents.

4. Students have been waiting until the last minute to print out documents and then expressing their frustration over internet speed or printer speed to office staff, when it is the students' responsibility to be prepared for class.

5. The printing computers share a wall with Mrs. Carmesin's office which compromises the confidentiality of any meeting taking place.

6. Assisting students with printing-related issues is ultimately taking away from other important and time-sensitive tasks. 

7. The LRC has improved their printing system, making it more user friendly. 

From now on, if you need to print something, you will need to utilize CR's Library system called Pcounter. Pcounter lets you create an account online and add money to it using a credit or debit card for a $1.00 fee, or you may use a payment terminal in the LRC with no extra fee, that allows you to put cash onto your account in increments as small as .10 cents. 

Instructions for account creation and printing procedures can be found here:

The cost of printing in the library is .10 a page for black and white and .25 for color.

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