Congratulations to Elijah Contreras-Velasco! AR's Student of the Month for May!

Elijah Contreras-Velasco is AR’s Student of the Month for May! Elijah is the son of Francisco Contreras Martinez and Daena Velasco Acosta. In his free time, Elijah enjoys studying foreign languages (he is currently studying Japanese), running, road cycling, and watching a variety of sports. Elijah will earn a total of 33 college units upon graduation from AR. He plans to attend CR for one year to receive a personal trainer certification before deciding whether to continue his studies at a CSU in either kinesiology or Spanish. After college Elijah hopes to work as a personal trainer with a sport-specific training specialization. Elijah’s experience at AR has been a pleasant one, with schoolmates always being ready to offer help when needed without any hesitation. He appreciates having learned time management skills and self-discipline to keep himself accountable to his responsibilities.
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