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AR Back to School Message

Dear Academy of the Redwoods Family,
Our staff has been working hard preparing for a successful 2021-2022 school year. This year is going to be unique, invigorating, and renewing for our students, our staff, and for the Academy of the Redwoods as a program. This past summer we crossed a rubicon as an institution when our last founding educator, Alison Hodges, moved on to new opportunities. Our school wouldn’t be as strong as it is today without the vision, creativity, and grit of our founding educators. To honor them, however, is to persist beyond their tenures, as is the true test of any organization—generational growth. This year we build upon AR’s foundation, stewarding a tradition that our alumni can be proud of. Over the summer Gina and I have been encouraged by the multiple alumni who have dropped by the office to visit campus and see what has changed—and what hasn’t. In every case they were warm and welcoming to us, two new faces leading their old high school. Not only were they proud of AR, they were happy for us, like we had been let in on a best kept secret. 
To our arriving 1st years, and our returning 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years, let’s care for and continue to develop a legacy that we can be proud to look back upon. Educations well earned. Friendships built for life. Memories made forever. This year, AR belongs to us, and we get what we put in. Let’s put in the best of us.
Your Principal, Arnold King

First Week Notes:

We have an exciting week ahead of us as we begin the 2021-2022 school year!

Monday- Staff Duty Day

AR's Main Office will be closed from 8:30 to 1:00 PM on Monday, August 9th, as we hold our staff in-service meeting. Gina and I will be available to take your phone calls or visits after that.

Tuesday- REBAR

On Tuesday, August 10th, our incoming first year students and new second years will be arriving on campus for our famous REBAR Orientation, headed by Alison Brewer and Gini Wozny! REBAR attendees were assigned the 9-11 or 12-2 time slot as a part of their registration materials. If you can’t track down your time slot please contact Ms. Wozny at

Wednesday- First Day, Picture Day, Pizza Day, Oh My!

Wednesday, August 11th, is our first day of school. We were excited to have all staff and students together in the CR Theater for our Welcome Back Assembly to start the day, but unfortunately increasing rates of Covid-19 transmission in our region have compelled me to call off indoor gatherings of that size. We are working with CR on alternative outdoor accommodations for the Welcome Back Assembly. I plan on updating families on Monday, August 9th, with instructions on where students should go to start the day on Wednesday, August 11th.

After our short greeting the 1st Years will head to the CR Theater with Ms. Wozny for Chromebook Bootcamp, 2nd Years will head out with Mr. Chatfield and Ms. Holtski for team building activities, and 3rd/4th years will follow Ms. Brewer and Ms. Martin to workshops in financial literacy, college & career, and transcript auditing.

Picture Day will be set up in the Advising Center. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Years will have pictures taken before lunch, and 1st years will have their pictures taken after lunch. Go to with Picture Day ID: EVTWDHSPG for online ordering.

A pizza and salad lunch will be provided for all students and will be served outside in the grass picnic area to the west of the main office!

Thursday- Friday Schedule

Thursday, August 12th, will have a Friday schedule in which all Monday through Thursday classes are attended. Please refer to the current master schedule at this link, understanding that room assignments often change after CR starts their semester on August 23rd. 

Friday- Normal Friday

Friday, August 13th, will be a standard Friday schedule for students. I have set aside the day to take meetings with parents. Please email me at to set up a time to discuss anything regarding your student and our program.


Covid-19 Updates:

As many of you are likely observing, guidances and restrictions related to the most recent Covid-19 infection surges have been changing daily. I put off sending out this communication by a day as new information came forward. That being said, there are still some developing Covid procedures at AR as we prepare for the launch of the CR Campus App to facilitate contact tracing and work out an efficient testing procedure.

Mask Mandate-

Per current California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidance, all staff, students, and visitors must wear a face covering while indoors at school. The guidance is scheduled to be updated by November 1st. We will have basic paper masks available for free for students who forget to bring one to school, and some fancier AR branded masks will go on sale in the office in mid-August.

Physical Distancing-

Based on recommendations from the CDPH and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), physical distancing restrictions are not in effect in K-12 classroom settings. All classroom capacities at AR follow CR’s recommendations for their facilities.

Covid Vaccines-

You may have seen Thursday's announcement from the College of the Redwoods regarding mandated vaccinations for all students, faculty, administration, and visitors on campus, with mandated weekly testing designated as the vaccine alternative. This arrangement does not go into effect until August 19th, and early next week I will release a specific announcement describing how AR will interface effectively with the testing requirement. At this time the Covid vaccine is recommended by the CDPH and CDC for high school students, but not required as a part of the K-12 immunization schedule.

CR Campus App and Pre-Screening-

We are proud to be included in the design and workflow considerations of CR's upcoming Campus App. While principally designed as a contact tracing tool, this app will ultimately go on to serve a variety of student needs and tasks at CR. All AR students who are enrolled at CR with a account will use the app to complete a pre-arrival health screening each morning. Students not experiencing Covid symptoms or qualifying exposures will receive a digital badge allowing them to be on campus. App users will use the built in QR reader to swipe into each building on campus in order to facilitate effective contact tracing. Students without smartphones, 1st years, and upperclassmen not enrolled at CR will alternatively log onto a web form every morning before school to complete the health screening. CR plans to launch the app on August 16th and I will be providing more specific updates as it pertains to AR at that time!

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