Academy of the Redwoods

All students will receive their health screening in the AR Office Parking Lot. This checkpoint will open every morning at 8am and will close at 8:25. Students must practice physical distancing while waiting for their turn. Students arriving after 8:25am must receive their health screening in the AR office. All students must wear a mask - extras are available in all AR classrooms and the office.

September Student of the Month: Breanna Tatro

Breanna Tatro’s uncle Robert and mother Trisha have raised her and shaped her into the caring and smart person she is today. Breanna’s Uncle Robert has shown her the importance of grades and academics throughout the years, which she credits as the reason why she is at AR today. In her free time, Breanna likes to play video games, listen to music, and dance. Her dream college is American River College. Breanna is planning on studying Mortuary Science/Funeral Services. After graduating college, Breanna is planning on getting married and having a career as an embalmer. Of her experience at AR, Breanna says, “It has been very influential on what I want to do and who I am.” Breanna has earned 23 college units.
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