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Are You Interested In Returning To On-Campus Learning? We would like to encourage all students, especially those who are struggling academically, to return to on-campus learning. Breakfast and lunch are available free to all students daily.  If you would like to arrange one or more on-campus learning days per week, please email Academic Counselor, Brooke Martin at We continue to require morning health screenings, mask-wearing, and regular hand washing/sanitizing. With our physical distancing requirements, we can accommodate all students for two days per week with some exceptions. For questions related to COVID mitigations or other campus concerns, please contact Program Director, Ali Hodges by calling the AR Office, 707-476-4203.

AR Fall Reopening Plan



Dear AR Community,

Thank you for your input, ideas and patience as we develop our campus reopening plan for Fall 2020. The current public health crisis has challenged all of us in many ways, both personally and professionally. However, never have I been more grateful to be a part of the AR community! We are resilient and I know we will see our way through what we are currently challenged with and be stronger because of it. I know we can all appreciate that the pandemic is a fluid situation and plans may change due to circumstances beyond our control. However, as a parent also trying to plan for the upcoming school year, I wanted to share with families our current plan for campus reopening on August 12th.


AR plans a hybrid learning model for the upcoming fall semester. Informed by multiple state and local organizations, district workgroups and our family survey, AR will offer a curriculum delivery model which includes a combination of face to face and remote instruction. 1st and 2nd year students will be on campus two to three school days per week and 3rd and 4th years will be on campus one to two school days per week. This schedule will allow for classes to meet at a reduced capacity for 90 minutes of face to face instruction for each course. 1st and 2nd years will be assigned a Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday schedule, while 3rd and 4th years will be on campus primarily on Fridays and another assigned day if needed. Students will engage in remote learning and assignment work when not on campus during the school week. Additionally, there will be several mitigation protocols put into place to screen for symptoms of illness, allow for physical distancing and increased sanitation practices. I believe this plan prioritizes face to face instruction while also mitigating COVID 19 campus exposure concerns for students, staff and our college partner. Our hope is that face to face instruction begins at the beginning of the fall semester but this will depend on federal and state mandates in response to the pandemic. This hybrid model of instruction will also allow for a seamless transition to full remote learning if mandated.


When we transitioned to remote learning last spring, we were responding swiftly to a developing crisis, with little information about the transmission of COVID 19. We prioritized student, staff, and community health by closing campus and focused on maintaining connections with students while also supporting emotional and physical health. As the crisis continues, we are eager to restore engagement in academics and our educational community while also making informed decisions to minimize exposure risks to COVID 19. AR staff has been actively planning our fall return and the intentional use of this hybrid model will allow us to deliver a rigorous academic program, establish and maintain student connection, provide school support services and limit exposure risks to our community. Over half of AR families responded to our survey and the results clearly indicate that there is a diversity in opinion and personal needs related to school campuses reopening. I understand that hybrid learning is not a perfect solution for everyone, still, it is my genuine hope that we continue to be solution-oriented addressing needs and concerns while also remaining optimistic for a full return to campus learning in the spring.


AR is in the unique position of being a Fortuna District school, while housed and dependent on the CR campus. We will continue to work with both districts and our AR families to address concerns as they arise and work together to provide students with opportunities for academic success as we navigate this ongoing public health crisis. Additional information regarding student registration, new student orientation, on-campus learning and student schedules will be sent out at the beginning of August. As always, if you have questions, concerns or would like to discuss things further, please do not hesitate to email me. 


Alison Hodges
Program Director
Academy of the Redwoods, ECHS
on the College of the Redwoods Campus
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