Academy of the Redwoods

All students will receive their health screening in the AR Office Parking Lot. This checkpoint will open every morning at 8am and will close at 8:25. Students must practice physical distancing while waiting for their turn. Students arriving after 8:25am must receive their health screening in the AR office. All students must wear a mask - extras are available in all AR classrooms and the office.

AR Alumni Spotlight



         Robin Lancaster - Class of 2014


What recent accomplishment or achievement do you want to share? 

A year ago, I wrote a senior thesis to cap off my undergraduate career on the Metaphysical and Political Mechanics of personhood in Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan than cost me a lot of sleep and hair but was ultimately successful.


How did AR prepare you for your current situation? Did a specific person or class have an impact on your education or career path?

I currently work as a college admissions counselor and I draw on my experience navigating the college process at AR almost every day. I've been in and around higher ed for the majority of the last decade so it fits naturally.



What advice, if any, would you give to a current  AR student about following their dreams or pursuing their passions?

Take your time--with the ability to get ahead in your studies that AR provides, it is easy to get caught up in a frantic rush to pigeonhole yourself into your final career. You have decades and decades (fortune permitting) to expand and learn so do you best not to burn any matches worrying about getting it exactly right at 18.


We live in a world where industry, education, and social norms are in a near constant state of flux so the best thing a person can do to be prepared for such a crazy world is practice being unprepared. Take a subject you've never studied before, pick the hardest professor you can in what you are good at, go out for a club you've never considered. This is better career prep than any microwave dinner curriculum--believe me, successful people have no clue how to do half of what they are asked to do until they do it--they just have a lot of practice with how to react to not knowing what to do. And read some good books along the way.


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