Academy of the Redwoods

Congratulations Class of 2020!!   A video of the live streamed graduation is available on the AR Facebook page.

AR Alumni Spotlight

 Patricia Reul - Class of 2013


What recent accomplishment or achievement do you want to share? 

I am currently working as the head science teacher at Horizon Christian School teaching Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. This has involved creating the curriculum for each class from scratch. I will be completing a masters program in Curriculum and Instruction this summer. 


How did AR prepare you for your current situation? Did a specific person or class have an impact on your education or career path?

It taught me how to work hard and try my hardest at everything. Mrs. Wozny helped me realize that teaching is something I wanted to make a profession because she has shown how impactful teachers can be in their student’s lives.


What advice, if any, would you give to a current  AR student about following their dreams or pursuing their passions?

Do not allow obstacles to get in your way, whether that is problems in life or individual people. Surround yourself with people who want to see you go and not tear you down or try to make you less than you are.

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