Academy of the Redwoods

May Student of the Month: Noe Sanchez-Nino

Noe is the son of Eudocia and Francisco Sanchez. In his free time, he enjoys studying 17th century French History, with emphasis on the political and social influence of the aristocracy, reading Eckhart Tolle, and spending time with his family, friends, and two pet huskies. Noe plans to attend HSU, where he will earn degrees in History and Economics. After college, while he’d consider the path of being a professor of History, he hopes to be a part of Humboldt County’s organizations that help regulate our growth and sustenance. Of his experience at AR, Noe says, “I’ve felt supported and I’ve felt as if my opinion over my education pathway mattered. Choosing to enroll in classes that are going to advance my study and career helped refine my personal perspective of life.” Noe will graduate with 60 college units, his IGETC certification, and an Associate’s degree in History.

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